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Conscious Living for Kids

Conscious Living for Kids is a program that teaches and guides children in the ways of physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing, all done with an air of playfulness. The overall program is broken into four parts to address each of these aspects. Through all the offerings of this program, children will learn methods and practices that help develop and cultivate their ability to navigate school life, home life, their environment, and themselves. Read a full program description here.

Kids on the Move

After-School Classes for Movement, Meditation, & Mindfulness

Among the program’s offerings is an after-school class, Kids on the Move. This fun, unique class is a blend of physical exercise, martial art movements, mindful wellbeing, and meditative practices. Kids will learn simple martial art movements that promote proper structure and body alignment, as well as physical postures to bring together mind/body relationship, such as yoga poses. They’ll also learn simple practices to bring meditation to their daily lives and, to top it off, practical ways to live mindfully.

Kids on the Move is the culmination of 30 years of martial arts, meditation, and mindfulness practices of Pathways founder Ed Williamson. Ed is a Tai Chi master, creator of Pathways’ Mindful Living programs, and a long-time meditator who has brought together his many years of knowledge, practice, and teaching to offer this truly unique class for kids.

Our goal is to teach kids the skills and tools that will enhance their journey through life to help them move towards physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing and self-reliance. To live a joyful life is to live a truly successful life, and we hope this class will inspire just that. Let’s get kids on the move to discovering and achieving their true potential.

Stay tuned for the next class!