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Physical Therapy

Ed Schaeffer, MSPT, IMT,C. holds advanced degrees in physical therapy, with a specialty area in integrative manual therapy, a unique hands-on approach to healing the human body so it can restore balance and self-correct.

Ed also has extensive training in visceral manipulation, joint mobilization, craniosacral therapy and sports medicine. He has worked with a wide variety of conditions for over thirty years, serving clients from all over the surrounding communities of Millis, Medway, Medfield, Franklin, and beyond. His gentle yet highly effective treatment has offered tremendous relief and cure to hundreds of clients with orthopedic, neurological, digestive and cardiovascular issues. Most insurance plans are accepted and cover the treatment. If you have an unresolved problem that has not yet been helped by other approaches, why not try a new one?

To book an appointment, please call 508.376.2100 or email schaefferpt@verizon.net.