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Ed Williamson’s Martial Arts Bio

Tai Chi pose

Master Ed Williamson is a practitioner and teacher of Tai Chi, Xin Yi, and Lin Kung. Ed named his Tai Chi teaching Zheng Dao Tai Chi which means the Impartial Way of Tai Chi practice. Ed is also a spiritual teacher who has sought a spiritual path from a very young age. His more than 20 years of spiritual and mindful meditation practices make him a unique teacher, who blends Tai Chi practice with spiritual practice to bring meditative, mindful awareness to his classes, seminars, and workshops.

Ed is a third-degree black belt (sandan) in Karate and Kobudo (traditional weaponry). After studying under top Sensei in the Zen Bei Butoku-Kai—including legendary Master Richard Kim, as well as Louis Jemison, Brian Ricci, Frank Gaviola, and Dennis Mann—Ed was introduced to his present teacher, Master George Xu, in 2011.

Master Xu is one of a handful of masters in the world who practices and teaches the pure internal style of martial arts. It is with Master Xu’s training that Ed developed his internal-style martial arts practice and teaching of Zheng Dao Tai Chi.

Ed’s Tai Chi teaching mixes Chen and Yang style to create an internal style that is soft and flowing, yet powerful and light. He teaches the long form Tai Chi, emphasizing internal chi movement to create external manipulation. His hands-on approach and detailed, descriptive teachings enhance a student’s experience, knowledge, and learning of Tai Chi practice and principles. Ed is a patient instructor who teaches to the level of the student’s experience. As one of his students, Joy Seidler, explained:

“What is important to me (all students) is to be seen, heard, and met where they are… I very much appreciate the peaceful yet high energy of your teaching, the cogent and varied explanation of movements, as well as the energetic reasons for how they are performed… A visual learner by nature, I value the clear demonstrations you do as well as the way you break movement into digestible/doable baby steps. You are both a Tai Chi master and a master teacher.”

Xin Yi (Spiritual Style) is the practice of mind moving energy within and outside the physical being. This style is the understanding and practice that the mind and chi are one, and so harmonizing both create a movement that is subtle yet powerful.

Lin Kung (Lin meaning “above” or “floating,” and Kung meaning “space” or “empty”) is the martial art Master Xu currently teaches, which is the art of air and space. This is a very advanced practice and is the true art of martial arts.

Ed teaches Jing energy and movement, the seven levers, five powers, and spiritual energy movement, as well as many other forms of chi movement.

Ed began his training in Ireland at the age of 18 (in 1980), where he trained in Shotokan Karate at three different martial arts dojos. After moving to the U.S. in 1985, Ed trained in several dojos in search of a comprehensive martial arts training. During this time he trained and sparred with regional champions.

In 1992 he joined the Zen Bei Butoku-Kai under Master Richard Kim. Master Kim was a legendary master whose training and teaching covered many styles of Karate, Kobudo, and Tai Chi, as well as Judo and Aikido. Training under Master Kim and his top students until 2005, Ed eventually left the organization but continued to train under Louis Jemison of the Kokusai Butokukai.

In 2011 Ed met and began training under Master George Xu. Master Xu is not affiliated with any organization but his teachers and lineage are of Chinese masters as follows:
Dai Long Bang → Li Luo Nen → Guo Yuen Shen → Wang Xiang Zhai

Ed continues to train with Master Xu and teaches at Pathways.