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Mindful Living for the Workplace

There is a worldwide movement to bring social consciousness to businesses and corporations, which is producing healthier companies, organizations, workers, and social environments. Our population is increasingly looking to live in a world where businesses work with the societal environment so that both the employee and the consumer can feel good about where they work and what they buy.

Just about every wellness program you hear about deals with the external activities of one’s life—this approach is from the outside in. Such programs are designed to bring change to one’s life by teaching new disciplines, habits, and practices. These may work for a while, but over time these methods break down because the individual has made no changes internally.

There is a lot of information available today about mindfulness, but unfortunately most is a continuation of external practices that don’t work. True mindful living is about developing a relationship with your physical, mental, and emotional self. Our Mindful Living for the Workplace program does just that.

Mindful Living for the Workplace is designed to help owners, officers, managers, and employees become happy and healthy, creating a stress-free environment and leading to greater productivity.

To learn more or request a Mindful Living program for your corporation or organization, please contact Pathways founder Ed Williamson at ed@pathwaysmillis.com.