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Instructors & Practitioners

Ed WilliamsonFounder Ed Williamson

Ed Williamson is the founder and owner of Pathways, a center for people wishing to live a more joyful and mindful life. Ed’s own life path has been a spiritual journey with many years of meditation practice, as well as deep inward exploration. A Tai Chi Master and creator of Pathways’ Mindful Living and Conscious Living for Kids programs, Ed also writes essays and articles, and is working on finishing his first book. Learn more.


Ed Schaeffer, Physical Therapist

Ed Schaeffer, MSPT, IMT,C. holds advanced degrees in physical therapy, with a specialty area in integrative manual therapy, a unique hands-on approach to healing the human body so it can restore balance and self-correct. Ed also has extensive training in visceral manipulation, joint mobilization, craniosacral therapy and sports medicine. Learn more.


Heidi Neuschuez, Meditation Instructor

Heidi is Pathways’ meditation instructor, as well as a Reiki Master, Advanced Integrated Energy Therapy Practitioner, and Certified Sound Healer. Her interest in meditation and energy work began more than 20 years ago as a way to combat the stress of working in the high tech field. Over the years, this interest has grown and evolved and she has continued her studies in sound and energy work. Learn more.


Joe Hayes of Soundscapers

Joe considers himself blessed to have brought his sound healing practice to hundreds of venues and thousands of people over the past several years. Joe also has a one-on-one sound healing practice which he runs out of his home in Stoneham. Learn more.


Karen Crowell, Massage Therapist

Karen Crowell, LMT, is a Licensed Holistic Esthetician, Reiki Master, and Certified Aromatherapist. Seeking a path with heart, Karen began studying and working in the natural health field and has completed more than 1700 hours of training in integrative massage and bodywork, Reiki, holistic skin care, aromatherapy, crystal therapy, chakra balancing, and life coaching. Learn more.


Marcia Coakley, Nia Dance Instructor

Dancing since she was young, Marcia Coakley loves guiding people to expand their sensation awareness and mind/body agility. From her first Nia class she was hooked. This was what she was looking for: to move, to feel better, more fit, and more functional for her whole life. And everybody can. Learn more.


Suzanne Stagner, Massage Therapist

Suzanne Stagner is a licensed massage therapist who loves what she does. Holistic health and wellness, with a focus on preventive care, has always been a part of her lifestyle. So in 2010 she graduated from Bancroft School of Massage and has been practicing ever since! Learn more.


Wanda Lipson, Social Worker

Wanda Lipson, MSW, LICSW, is a licensed independent clinical social worker specializing in relationship with self, others, and the environment. With over 10 years of experience and practice in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Dialectical Behavioral Therapy, Trauma Reintegration work in adults and children, Relationship Counseling and Family Therapy, she shares the art of self-actualization in an emotionally safe space created with genuine love of her craft and people. Learn more.


Wendy Derby, Tai Chi Instructor

Wendy Derby has been practicing Tai Chi for over five years as a student of Master Ed Williamson. As one of his top students, Wendy has taught classes on her own and assisted in many others. Her unique gifts with energy awareness and movement make her a wonderful teacher who is very aware of what the student needs. Learn more.