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Karen Crowell

Karen, LMT

Karen Crowell, LMT, is a Licensed Holistic Esthetician, Reiki Master, and Certified Aromatherapist. Seeking a path with heart, Karen began studying and working in the natural health field and has completed more than 1700 hours of training in integrative massage and bodywork, Reiki, holistic skin care, aromatherapy, crystal therapy, chakra balancing, and life coaching. She is passionate about holistic health and wellness and believes that all of her studies have brought her to this most important work of assisting others on their wellness journey. Seeing clients, family, and friends grow, heal, and blossom with regular holistic mind-body treatments has given her great joy.

When she is not practicing or studying holistic health and wellness, Karen is spending time with her husband and two beautiful children, her greatest blessings whom she learns the most from. They have happily resided in Millis for close to 13 years. She also loves to talk for endless hours about divine connection with her mom, her best friend and spiritual teacher who led her on this path. Karen enjoys all things that bring her back to her center like reading spiritual material, journaling, spending time in nature, and mixing and blending with essential oils. Karen is a member of Associated Massage and Bodywork Services (ABMP). She has a BA in English/Writing Concentration and Psychology.

Karen offers massage therapy, holistic skincare, and Reiki treatments at Pathways. She also handcrafts aromatherapy products available at Pathways. Did you know members receive $20 off their initial massage, holistic skincare, or Reiki treatment at Pathways?

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