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Mindful Living

Created by Pathways founder Ed Williamson, all Mindful Living programs are designed to bring awareness and union to the four energies—those of the body, mind, emotion, and subtle energy—that make up our human life so we can break old patterns, create new ones, and live from a place of mindfulness.

Mindful Essays

This Human Gadget

We cannot “tech” our way out of the chaos, hatred, and suffering on this planet. No matter how many sophisticated gadgets we have, or how many comforts and conveniences these gadgets give us, none of them will bring about a world that is peaceful or joyful. It took human beings a mere 140 years to evolve the first communication device into an iPhone, but human beings have been on this earth for tens of thousands of years, and still today we are literally throwing sticks and stones at each other on the streets.

We look at our world through a phone instead of through our experiences. How much effort have we put into evolving the human being—how much effort have you put into evolving yourself? No one is left out of the equation on this planet. We all play a part, and that part has an impact whether you realize it or not. One person yelling in an empty stadium has little effect, but a stadium filled with fifty thousand people yelling has a big effect. Every act you make contributes to an effect worldwide. If you get angry, the effect may be little—but if one billion people across this planet are angry, there is an enormous impact.

We may wish and pray for peace and yet act in unpeaceful ways every day. Our small acts have a direct impact on this planet, and that is a reality we need to wake up to. If we really want to live in a joyful, peaceful world, then perhaps it’s time we evolved this human gadget. It doesn’t matter how amazing our technology becomes, unless we become amazing human beings. If all you do today is be joyful, you will make a great contribution to this planet. And maybe you will find that those you interact with will smile 🙂

Ed Williamson