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Mindful Living

All Mindful Living programs are designed to bring awareness and union to the four energies—those of the body, mind, emotion, and subtle energy—that make up our human life so we can break old patterns, create new ones, and live from a place of mindfulness.


“This [Mindful Living] class was helpful to me in several ways: It put me in touch with many of my ‘mindless’ behaviors and created an awareness around them I never had before. I learned about my energies—where they come from, how they work and how to direct them with intention. Most of all, he challenged us to look beyond our experiences and beliefs, and understand how they form. I highly recommend this class to anyone looking to create a better way to live and think.” —Mary Rubino

“I was glad I had a weekend free to attend the Mindful Living Weekend Intensive. Being able to build upon the tools and practices in Tai Chi and Mindful Meditation has really helped in the day to day stressful, busy lives we all lead. Being able to slowly build the practice from day to day helps me feel better and those around me when I am happier also benefit!” —Lisa Maloney