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Raising every individual to their true potential

There came a moment when all of my talking and wishing about living the life I wanted and being who I wanted to be met with an abrupt interruption during a conversation with a friend: “When are you going to stop talking about it and just do it!”

Pathways is the manifestation of the life I wanted and who I wanted to be. I am passionate about helping people live a joyful life, one that brings them to their highest potential of knowing who they are. Every individual has the ability to live a joyful life, but we are surrounded by those who would have us believe stress is necessary, life is a struggle, trauma stays with you, and popularity is a measure of success.

There was a time I believed my life was dictated by my story, my experiences, and the things I was taught to accept about life. Looking back, I wonder how I got so stuck in other people’s versions of life. I can assure you that life cannot be limited to this or that belief, notion, or experience. You and I are absolutely capable of living a joyful life, and a life lived that way leads to enormous potential.

—Ed Williamson, Founder of Pathways

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