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Suzanne Stagner

Suzanne Stagner is a licensed massage therapist who loves what she does. She holds a BS in Elementary and Special Education and taught school for two years, before staying home to joyously raise and homeschool her children the past 25 years. In 2008 she decided it was time to explore new interests and passions. Holistic health and wellness, with a focus on preventive care, has always been a part of her lifestyle. So in 2010 she graduated from Bancroft School of Massage and has been practicing ever since! She also holds certificates in Tracy Walton’s Intensive Workshops on Cancer and Massage, as well as Klose Training in Manual Lymphatic Drainage. Suzanne works with conscious intention, helping to facilitate one’s own ability to heal and nourish oneself in body, mind, and spirit.

Suzanne loves nature in all its forms and considers herself a student of life, striving to live by Love’s guiding principles, Gratitude and Forgiveness. She enjoys hiking and snowshoeing, and just about any type of fitness activity. She also loves reading and poetry, particularly that which inspires her to explore the depths of her being. She loves to connect to the stillness and listen to the sound of silence. And she loves to watch the birds with childlike curiosity and dance wildly when no one is looking.

In addition to Integrative Massage Therapy, Suzanne specializes in Herbal Thai Compress Massage at Pathways. Did you know members receive $20 off their initial massage treatment at Pathways?

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