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Tai Chi

Tai Chi is an ancient martial arts practice that has its roots in health, wellbeing, and spirituality. Today we often see the art form reduced to the memorization and repetition of physical movements—however, it is only when one has knowledge and understanding of chi (energy) and the ability to move chi that the physical form is effective. At Pathways, our Zheng Dao Tai Chi classes take you beyond the physical elements to the deeper levels of Tai Chi practice that bring about the changes in health and wellbeing so often touted and publicized.

Our instructors’ hands-on approaches and detailed, descriptive teachings enhance a student’s experience, knowledge, and learning of Tai Chi practice and principles. They are patient instructors who teach to the level of the student’s experience.

Zheng Dao Tai Chi

Beginner Tai Chi Level 1: This class series is for those new to the practice or with limited experience. You will learn the first section of the form, as well as the basic principles of Tai Chi movement. You will also learn standing meditation (Zhan zhuang) and chi exercises to develop proper chi movement.

Beginner Tai Chi Level 2: This class series is for those who have taken the Beginner Level 1 Tai Chi series. You will continue to deepen your knowledge of the first section of the form and begin the second section, as well as learn more Tai Chi principles and movement.

Intermediate Tai Chi: For those who have gone through the beginner classes or with deeper knowledge and practice of Tai Chi principles. This class enhances the first section and teaches the second section of the long form (Yang Style). You will learn the principles of empty/full, down replaces up, Jing energy, and more.

Mastering Tai Chi: For those ready to move to the deeper levels of Tai Chi practice and energy movement. You must have complete knowledge of the first two sections of the Tai Chi long form taught in the essentials and intermediate class. This class teaches the third and final section of the long form (Yang Style), as well as the principles of chi movement taught by world-renowned Master George Xu whose style is Lin Kung.

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Tai Chi Master Ed Williamson performs traditional Yang style long form.

World-renowned Master Xu teaches a seminar at Pathways. View more pictures here.