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Ed Williamson, Founder

Tai Chi Master; Facilitator of Mindful Living programs

Tai Chi:

“From the moment I got the bee in my bonnet about Tai Chi for me now and began looking for classes near my home, it was clear that [Pathways] would be the place.  There are others closer but the beauty and integrity of your web site grabbed me.  The brief videos there sold me.  I could see/feel the peacefulness and grace embodied in the movements as well as in the inviting decor.  I’ve now visited the intro class on Tuesday night twice and both experiences supported my expectations.  I love the wildlife photos in the lobby and the palpable sense of warmth, respect and community among the students.

“What is important to me (all students) is to be seen, heard, and met where they are.  My once strong athletic body is a whisper of its former self.  My hope is that I can regain firm footing/ equilibrium.  That this practice has a spiritual core is of crucial importance to me.  PT can only go so far and I never ‘want’ to do my exercises.  This system is relational and speaks to a body in motion in a living environment.  I love that.  I noted how often aspects of the first class swam unbidden into my awareness in the days following that introductory night.  A sure sign that it went deep.

“It is hard for me to struggle with movements I took for granted for most of my life.  It is important to me to reverse this to the extent possible.  I very much appreciate the peaceful yet high energy of your teaching, the cogent and varied explanation of movements, as well as the energetic reasons for how they are performed.  My two classes have been both fun and challenging and inspiring.  A visual learner by nature, I value the clear demonstrations you do as well as the way you break movement into digestible/doable baby steps.  You are both a Tai Chi master and a master teacher.  This is a rare and special combination.  It is a combination, like your positive uplifting spirit, I do not take for granted.  These are important to me.”

Joy Seidler

“My time with Ed was enlightening, expanding and grounding. He teaches quietly with Wisdom and humility and by example. At no other time have I felt so centered and at peace. He is accepting of anyone’s point of view, while offering his own, based on his vast knowledge of ancient wisdom and in a way that allows one to listen, learn and grow.”

Camille ~ Westwood, MA

“I met Ed Williamson about 18 months ago at a time when I was beginning to deepen in my spiritual journey. What began as Qi Gong and later, Tai Chi Classes, very soon became something much more profound. I was searching for not only answers to all these questions that I had, but also for someone who was able to give me the guidance that I needed as I continued along this path of awakening. Ed has always provided and continues to provide guidance and support in a way that is objective, trusting and sincere. His energy is always peaceful and light and this brings you to a place of calm when exploring these questions. He is always there to listen, sometimes just to be a sounding board. Ed’s teachings are gentle and simple in their profoundness. Awakening is not an easy process/journey and it is individual for each person. Ed shares with you not just his teachings but his own experiences too. Just being in his presence is at times healing in itself. I consider Ed to be both a wise teacher and a trusted friend. If you are searching and have found yourself here, then you have come to the right place. I am still on my journey and consider Ed to be a welcome part of that.”

Nicole ~ Boston, MA

“I have had the blessing and good fortune to attend several of Ed’s classes. He is a man of integrity, sincerity and deep spiritual knowledge. He is a master teacher and an inspiration to all who attend his workshops. He has given me a greater understanding of the great mystery we call life. I highly recommend taking one of his workshops.”

Mary Ann ~ Bellingham, MA

“I have been studying Tai Chi and Qi Gong with Ed Williamson for nearly three years. Every single class has been a time of learning, meditation and renewal. Ed’s lessons extend far beyond the movements that are Tai Chi and I believe I am more awake every moment of every day as a result. Sensei Williamson covers the spiritual, energetic and practical aspects of Tai Chi and Qi Gong. I look forward to each and every class and have never been disappointed.”

John C Schroeder

“It is with great pleasure that I can say how well Ed Williamson’s class has helped me. As I have often said around me, for me Ed’s class is all I need, we can express ourselves and we always take something positive away from it. We laugh, which is excellent for the health and soul; in his class I find kindness, consideration and friendship. Ed explains very well and very simply, it gives me peace and completeness. The Tai-Chi class is very good, very suitable for everyone; it is relaxing, mind and body. I normally walk with a cane but after class I am able to walk without it. I come home a better person.”

Martha ~ Massachusetts

Mindful Living:

“I recently took Edward Williamson’s mindfulness class.  This class was helpful to me in several ways:

  • It put me in touch with many of my ‘mindless’ behaviors and created an awareness around them I never had before.
  • I learned about my energies—where they come from, how they work and how to direct them with intention.
  • Most of all, he challenged us to look beyond our experiences and beliefs, and understand how they form.

“Highly recommend this class to any ‘seeker’ looking to create a better way to live and think.”

Mary Rubino

“I was glad I had a weekend free to attend the Mindful Living Weekend Intensive. Being able to build upon the tools and practices in Tai Chi and Mindful Meditation has really helped in the day to day stressful, busy lives we all lead. Being able to slowly build the practice from day to day helps me feel better and those around me when I am happier also benefit!”

Lisa Maloney