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We seek to provide pathways for all those pursuing a life of wellness and joy.

The Journey

There was a time I believed my life was dictated by my story, my experiences, and the things I was taught to accept about life. Looking back, I wonder how I got so stuck in other people’s versions of life and beliefs. I realized that life cannot be limited to this or that belief, notion, or experience.

We are not able to control all aspects of life, however, we are capable of fully managing how we want to be and the way in which we want to live life. The ultimate reality of who we are is well beyond any limitations we place upon ourselves.

A joyful life isn’t dependent on material wealth or a sense of security, but rather on how well we are able to manage our own energies. Our services and offerings at pathways will enhance the pursuit of a joyful life.

Founder – Ed Williamson

How Can Pathways Help You?

Mindful Pursuits

Mindful Pursuits is a modern approach to an ancient tradition that opens the doors to new beginnings.

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Tai Ji

Tai ji is an internal martial art, meaning its movements are generated, directed and managed internally rather than by physical external force.


Therapy and counseling prove an important step in helping people take charge of their lives and increase their happiness and ability to connect with those around them.

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Massage Therapy

Health is a blended balance of all aspects of our being: physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual. Holistic massage and energy healing treatments address all aspects of you, giving you the most effective healing treatment. 

Ed Williamson leading class

Exploring Chi

Chi (energy) is the basis of all manifested form, from the densest material to the most subtle. The human body, mind and emotions are all forms of energy, even your thoughts have an energy form. Our very nature is energy in motion.

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Living with Ease

Feel more alive and present in your life through services including homeopathic weight management, movement-based neurological re-organization programs, energy medicine, etc.

“My time with Ed was enlightening, expanding and grounding. He teaches quietly with Wisdom and humility and by example. At no other time have I felt so centered and at peace. He is accepting of anyone’s point of view, while offering his own, based on his vast knowledge of ancient wisdom and in a way that allows one to listen, learn and grow.”

– Camille, Westwood

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