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We seek to provide pathways for everyone from children to seniors to lead more mindful, joyful lives.

The Journey

There came a moment when all of my talking and wishing about living the life I wanted and being who I wanted to be met with an abrupt interruption during a conversation with a friend: “When are you going to stop talking about it and just do it!”

Pathways is the manifestation of the life I wanted and who I wanted to be. I am passionate about helping people live a joyful life, one that brings them to their highest potential of knowing who they are. Every individual has the ability to live a joyful life, but we are surrounded by those who would have us believe stress is necessary, life is a struggle, trauma stays with you, and popularity is a measure of success.

There was a time I believed my life was dictated by my story, my experiences, and the things I was taught to accept about life. Looking back, I wonder how I got so stuck in other people’s versions of life. I can assure you that life cannot be limited to this or that belief, notion, or experience. You and I are absolutely capable of living a joyful life, and a life lived that way leads to enormous potential.

Ed Williamson, Founder of Pathways

How Can Pathways Help You?


These are classes that meet at a set time each week and benefit from regular practice and instruction. They include Tai Chi, Nia, Belly Dancing and Meditation.


These are seminar based classes or one-time classes offered on a special basis. They include mindfulness training, sound therapy and others topics as interest arises.


The services category includes psychotherapy sessions, support groups and physical therapy. All services provided at Pathways use a holistic approach and compliment our wellness goals. Massage therapy is currently on hold until we find the perfect masseuse to join the Pathways team.

“My time with Ed was enlightening, expanding and grounding. He teaches quietly with Wisdom and humility and by example. At no other time have I felt so centered and at peace. He is accepting of anyone’s point of view, while offering his own, based on his vast knowledge of ancient wisdom and in a way that allows one to listen, learn and grow.”

– Camille, Westwood

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