About Pathways

Pathways is a center for everyone seeking ways that will support, guide and enhance their health, wellness and joy. 

What Pathways Offers

We offer services that support emotional, mental and physical well-being for individuals and groups, through our Living with Ease program, Psychotherapy/Counseling, Massage/Energy Work and our Mindful Pursuits sessions.

Our Pathways initiative, Spread the Joy, supports the community and those in need with our out-reach and volunteer programs, which we hope to have in place this summer once Covid subsides.

Pathways also offers private Tai Ji lessons with Master Ed Williamson, for those seeking to deepen their knowledge and practice.

About Pathways

Founded in 2014, Pathways is the manifestation of a desire that its owner, Ed Williamson had to provide opportunities for those seeking to make changes in their lives that result in more joyful ways of being. Pathways is a place for those seeking a more mindful way of living, and a path to health and wellness. Our mission is to offer guidance, support, knowledge and well-being that will enhance lives in meaningful ways.

Programs and Services

Mindful Pursuits

Mindful Pursuits is a modern approach to an ancient tradition that opens the doors to new beginnings.

Tai Ji

Tai ji is an internal martial art, meaning its movements are generated, directed and managed internally rather than by physical external force.


Therapy and counseling prove an important step in helping people take charge of their lives and increase their happiness and ability to connect with those around them.

Massage Therapy

Health is a blended balance of all aspects of our being: physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual. Holistic massage and energy healing treatments address all aspects of you, giving you the most effective healing treatment.

Living With Ease

Feel more alive and present in your life through services including homeopathic weight management, movement-based neurological re-organization programs, energy medicine, etc.