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Massage Therapy

Health is a blended balance of all aspects of our being: physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual. Holistic massage and energy healing treatments address all aspects of you, giving you the most effective healing treatment. One session alone can leave you feeling calm and centered. Regular sessions can transform your life!
Kari will give you the utmost care and compassion and make you feel like you just walked into your own aromatic self-care sanctuary. All products used contain pure, high quality organic ingredients that are cruelty-free, never tested on animals; safe for you and planet earth.

Kari’s Services at Pathways

Holistic Massage Therapy

60 or 75 minutes

This flowing full body massage incorporates a variety of Eastern and Western massage
techniques: Swedish, Deep Tissue, Myofascial Release, Acupressure, Meridian, Trigger Point, and Shiatsu. Each session is customized according to your health concerns and goals. The combined techniques calm and relax, soothe sore muscles, ease pain and promote balance and harmony within the body.

Essence Aromatherapy Massage

60 or 75 minutes

A deeply relaxing yet powerful healing session. A blend of 100% pure therapeutic  essential oils, relaxing Swedish massage techniques and Acupressure to relieve  physical and emotional symptoms. 

Aromatherapy is the art and science of using essential oils to maintain and promote  physical, psychological, and spiritual well-being. Essential oils are a precious gift from  nature and are derived from plants with minimal human intervention. They can relax the  mind and uplift the spirit. 

Essential oils used may be Lavender, Bergamot, Patchouli, Sweet Orange,  Frankincense, Rose Otto, Sandalwood, Neroli, and Ylang Ylang. The oils are diluted in  a carrier oil such as jojoba, coconut, and grapeseed to work in harmony with your body.  Upon request, you may take home your customized blend used in your session. If you  enjoy it, you may purchase additional aroma blends at Pathways.

Bliss Himalayan Salt Stone Massage

90 minutes – includes facial massage

This session blends Eastern medicine, Swedish relaxation massage, and effective heat therapy into one amazing experience. The warm pure himalayan crystal stones are used as an extension of the hands during massage to soothe away stress and tension and promote an increased sense of well-being.

Himalayan salt has long been used in Eastern tradition for healing and it finally made its way to the West! The salt is pure, antimicrobial and contains 84 minerals that naturally exfoliate and gently detox the body. Electronic devices we use so frequently can disrupt the natural energy flow within the body and the salt stones help realign energy pathways and restore balance to the central nervous system. A deeply relaxing soul soothing experience.

Balance Teen Massage

30 minutes (age 13-14) 45 or 60 minutes (age 15-17)
60 minutes includes Reiki energy healing

Our youth are under enormous pressure today and with the pandemic, many are struggling on all levels. Talk therapy and medication help but don’t always get to the root of issues. A natural therapy like holistic massage can bring stress relief and calm the nervous system. Aromatherapy and crystals can be added to the session to enhance the healing. (Reiki healing and Gem Facial Massage are additional Teen offerings.)

Relax Back, Shoulders & Neck Massage

45 minutes 

A deep tissue massage that provides instant pain relief with the use of CBD (broad spectrum, no THC) and essential oil infused body oil. This highly effective massage encourages the body to speed up the healing process by calming inflammation, releasing pain and tension, and calming the nervous system. Includes your choice of hands/arms massage or facial massage.

Gem Facial Massage

60 minutes 

Facial massage is a gentle, soothing, and uplifting experience with many benefits to the skin. Massage of the face, head, neck, shoulders, and hands and arms with acupressure and lymphatic drainage using a gem face roller and gentle Gua sha technique. Truly heart opening and rejuvenating. You’ll leave with a glow and smell like a beautiful flower garden so you can walk in beauty.

Choose from 3: Rose, Jade, or Amethyst

Rose: all things Rose! From the essential oil, floral water, rose quartz crystal infused face and massage oil, hydrating mask, and rosehip seed oil, this gentle treatment is all about bringing you into your heart center. Rose is said to carry the highest vibration and rose quartz is known as the crystal of unconditional love.

Jade: all things Green to promote balance, harmony, prosperity and good health. From the peridot crystal infused oil, essential oils of bergamot and ylang ylang, jade roller and stones, clay mask, and green tea serum; you’ll release any tension and gather strength and vitality. Jade is a protective stone that helps you release negative thoughts or self-imposed limitations.

Amethyst: all things Purple! Lavender essential oil, amethyst face roller and crystal infused massage oil, lavender and patchouli mask and serum; curbs inflammation and increases circulation. Promotes clarity and peace of mind. Amethyst is a balancing stone which works with the third eye chakra increasing awareness and intuition.

● Kari’s Radiant Rose Face Oil is available for sale at Pathways. $18

● Peridot and amethyst crystal infused aroma rollons available $12


Harmony Energy Massage

60 minutes 

All energy is vibration and all of you (physical and etheric) is made up of oscillating strands of energy. When you change and balance vibration you create a shift that helps your entire being experience more harmony and balance. This treatment focuses on enhancing the flow of energy through your body using a variety of massage and energy healing techniques to balance the main energy centers (chakras) of your body. A calming yet vibrant experience.

Reiki Energy Healing

45 or 75 minutes

A gentle hands-on or just above the body treatment. Reiki is universal life force energy that channels through the practitioner with intention. It is an intelligent energy which flows naturally where needed. All you need to do is be open to the healing. By being an active participant in your healing, you trigger your body’s innate healing ability, moving you toward balance and optimal health.

Note: if you have never had Reiki before, 45 minutes is recommended for your first session. 75 minutes includes Chakra Balancing and Crystal Healing.

Soul Healing Guidance

60 minutes

Designed to take you on a deeper level of your journey of healing and self-discovery. These sessions are tailored to your goals and each session will be unique. There will be many healing tools used: chakra balancing, crystal healing, color therapy, Reiki, aromatherapy, facial massage, dry brushing, himalayan salt foot soak, guided meditation, oracle cards, affirmations and self-care practices to do at home.

These sessions can assist with releasing old repeating thought patterns or blocked energy, and move you back into your heart space where your real self resides. Moving from your head space into your heart space helps you grow and transform and live a more peaceful, joyful life.

(Four sessions once per week is recommended.)

Kari does not accept tips. She is so grateful to serve you on your wellness journey and is highly appreciative of any friends or family you refer to her!

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Kari’s rates are based on the length of your treatment:

30 Minutes $50

45 Minutes $65

60 Minutes $80

75 Minutes $95

90 Minutes $110

New Client Offer

New Clients receive $20 off your first 60 minute session
Refer a friend and receive $20 off your next 60 minute session