Ed Williamson

Founder of Pathways

Meet Ed

Ed Williamson is the founder of Pathways Center for Mindful Living and Wellness, which he opened in 2014. The mission of Pathways is to provide a diversity of pathways to wellness as well as supporting the community and those in need through Pathway’s initiative, Spreading the Joy.

Ed has followed a path pursuing a deeper knowledge and understanding of life from an early age. His many years of mindful awareness, meditative practices and spiritual encounters have enlightened his journey. He has written many essays and articles on life, its challenges and wonders, and is currently working on a book chronicling his journey, the wisdom that was afforded him on the path and lessons learned.

Ed Is also a tai ji Master, having studied in the martial arts for over thirty years. He received a chief instructor certificate from his tai ji teacher, grand master Gou Ming Xu, President of WACIMA the world association of Chinese internal martial arts, one of a handful given to students outside of China. Ed teaches Tai ji, mindfulness, meditation and gives talks and seminars on tai ji, mindfulness, meditation and spirituality.

Interviews with Ed Williamson