Ed Williamson

Founder of Pathways

Meet Ed

Ed Williamson is the founder and owner of Pathways Center in Millis, MA, which he opened in 2014. The center was a longtime dream for Ed of having a place where people could find a wide range of offerings to facilitate a path to wellness and joy.

Ed was born in Ireland and moved to the U.S. in 1985, where he continued training in the martial arts and worked as a carpenter. His desire to seek all things spiritual from an early age led him to mindfulness and meditation, which became a large part of his life and teaching.

Ed teaches Tai Chi, mindfulness courses for teens and adults, and meditation. He gives talks and seminars, and writes essays on these subjects. Ed has presented at companies, schools, and health centers.

Ed is a Tai Ji Master in Ling Kong Shen Shi Men, a level granted to him by Grand Master Gou Ming (George) Xu. He received a Chief Instructor Certificate, one of a handful given to instructors outside of China, from Master Xu, the president of the World Association of Chinese Internal Martial Arts. Ed’s personal style of Tai Chi, which he teaches at Pathways, is He Shen (Harmony with Spirit).


Interviews with Ed Williamson