Mindful Living for Adults

Finding peace by turning off the autopilot

Mindful Living

Mindful Living is a program designed to bring awareness and union to the four energies that make up our human life—those of the body, mind, emotion, and subtle energy. When we are not in control of our energies, we are living by accident rather than living intentionally.

Most often we are the passenger being driven through life at the whim of our patterned thinking and emotional reactions. In the Mindful Living program, you will learn methods to manage and unify these four energies, enabling you to sit in the driver’s seat and take control of your life’s direction and destination.

Through this practice, you will be able to break old patterns, create new ones, and live from a place of mindfulness and, ultimately, joy. Through light physical movement, meditative practice, and guidance in emotional behavioral awareness, this program will help you recognize any discord and imbalance in your energies and how to manage and harmonize them.

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