A T-shirt That Spreads Joy!

Doing Good and Feeling Good

Spreading the Joy

Spreading the joy is a Pathways initiative that is part of our mission. That mission is to support the community and help those in need. We do this through our out-reach programs and 15% of sales from our retail items. Our out-reach programs include partnering with the food pantries to bring much needed awareness and food items for those in need. We have volunteer programs, which encourage participation in community service, environmental clean-up and more.

Our on-line retail is a wonderful way for us to spread the word about our mission by offering items that are environmentally friendly, organic in nature, and inspire wellness. Our spreading the joy note cards are an important part of our mission. Something as simple as a thoughtful note can have a profound impact on someone’s life, and our own.

Want to get involved in our out-reach programs? Email us at Hello@PathwaysMillis.com